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What Is WAP 2.0 and What Has It Meant For Web Development?

WAP 2.0 is not a new advancement for web developers around the world, but it may be a term unfamiliar to those who are new to the industry. Basically, WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol and is the current technical standard for accessing information using a mobile wireless network. It is how developers are able to create websites that we can view using our mobile phones.

The original WAP Forum came into existence for web developers in 1997 and was mostly aimed at bringing together all of the various wireless technologies into a single, standardized protocol. In 2002, the WAP and many other forums were combined into the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).

Timed with this merger was the release of WAP 2.0, a re-engineered version of the original WAP Push, which allowed web developers to create WAP content that could be pushed to a mobile phone with minimum interaction on the part of the user. It runs using XHTML Mobile Profile (or XHTML-MP) which is a huge advancement on the original Wireless Markup Language (WML) that developers had to use.

But what has the creation of WAP 2.0 meant for web development as we know it today? Essentially, it made development for mobile devices much easier. Before, in order to understand WML and all the various elements involved, most developers had to specialize in mobile development. Now the learning curve for developers new to mobile web devices is very small and is easily overcome.

It is also possible to find XHTML-MP templates, aiding web developers even further in being able to create mobile web content. These templates can be easily adjusted and adapted to suit almost any project.

WAP 2.0 has also helped web development, as we know it, as the XHTML-MP language is just a division of the XHTML language that most developers are already proficient in. This enables the mobile content to be tested using most basic desktop browsers, minimizing the need for initial testing on mobile devices.

So, while WAP 2.0 is not a new concept for many developers, for those who are new to the mobile web device industry it can be a very confusing and complex idea. It is important to effectively use WAP 2.0 for creating online content for mobile devices so that users are provided with an easy to use and fast working service. WAP 2.0, with its XHTML-MP language, has made it much easier for web developers to do this.

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