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The New Trends In Web Development Industry

Like everything else in technology web development is going through its share of changes and developments over the years. Nowadays, a web programming and development professional can make a stunning and content rich website within a few hours. The options for web design are numerous. In the recent times, the website development industry veterans have observed a few new trends in website design. The changes have been fueled by the changing needs of the web users. The Internet users are a clever lot these days. They no longer drool over the websites with jazzy visual effects. Content and interactivity are the two most important aspects the web developers need to think about.

The ways people browse the web has changed drastically in the last few years. Earlier the PCs and laptops were the only means for web access but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, millions of people access the internet from their smart phones. The growing popularity of iPad and similar tablets has given them another option for web browsing as well. The web development professionals are making smart phone and tablet specific web sites as a result. They are also making mobile optimized versions of popular websites.

Earlier, the web users used to look for information in a website but they did not have many options for input. The scenario has changed drastically. Nowadays the users love to voice their opinion online. For instance, they expect the websites to have a section where they can post their comments. The business owners have lapped up the opportunity. After all, nothing gives a company owner the benefit of understanding the mindset of the target users than their direct feedback! They can make changes and improvements in their products based on the website viewer’s feedback.

The popularity of the social networking is growing by leaps and bounds over time. There are millions of people who are addicted to social media sites like Facebook. The online businesses have observed this trend and they are utilizing those sites to endorse their products. Facebook and similar sites serve as indirect means of product promotion and advertising for the business owners. That explains why the web developers prefer to add links to social networking websites in the sites they develop.

The number of websites in the Internet is also on rise. It is possible to find thousands of websites on a single topic. Hence, the websites can get lost in the labyrinth online. To prevent this and increase accessibility to the web viewers, the website development firms are resorting to SEO techniques. The SEO measures help a website to appear in the top of online search results. Everything from content and images used in the websites are being optimized for the search engine bots these days.

Earlier a web development company had to depend on a few programming apps and licensed software applications for dynamic web development. It was not much affordable for such companies. However, things have changed for the better with the advent and growth of open source web development languages and platforms. The open source scripting languages like PHP and developments in free OS like Linux have made affordable web development a reality. The open source web development apps enjoy robust online support and compatibility with major OS and database apps as well.

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