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Web Design and Web Development Incorporated – Why Is It Necessary?

August 10th, 2018

Internet has become an integral part of our daily life. The WWW has surfaced as a great platform for web applications designed and developed by web development companies. These companies have web design and web development incorporated to create sites that bring great web exposure to your business and let your presence be noticed in the targeted online market.

Modern web development has come a long way and cultivated numerous new characteristics to set new development methodologies from the traditional software and computer application development. Modern web development incorporates software engineering, hypertext engineering, hypermedia engineering, system analysis, and designs.

A competent web development company has web design and web development incorporated together to fabricate unique web-based application. Designing a layout is the most important part of creating an application that is typically the job of a web designer, who put contents in hypermedia or hypertext format through web browsers or other software like RSS reader, microblogging sites or internet TV clients. This offers an attractive look to a site making it easily navigable for the users.

For developing a website work needs to be done in proper coordination between designers and developers. The client-side coding included the site layout and the design is the responsibility of the designers while the server-side coding is the web developers’ job where they alter the HTML codes to delete the obsolete stuff, refresh the site with new items making sure that the site is totally error free and working smoothly.

For smooth running of any website a good coordination between designers and developers is a must or else the result can be drastic. For example, if a button present at the client side is meant to take the user to a particular page but the server-side has deleted that particular application then the user will end up viewing a blank page. It is the responsibility of designers to remove unused and obsolete buttons to make the site totally error free.

Web design and web development incorporated together can built a site that is eye-catching and a great traffic generator. This is only achievable if the developers and the designers are in sync with one another.

Your best deal will be the one that offer all the required services without the requirement of dealing with any conflicting issues.

Finding a good web hosting and domain name registration service provider can be a great experience. All you need to do is some research keeping in mind the goals that you want your websites to achieve for you.

Before you go to the correct place for web hosting and domain name registration you need to ask yourself what is your goal or what you want your website to do for you.

Web Developer Guide: Choosing A Platform

August 9th, 2018

The first challenge you will inevitably face as a new web developer is choosing a development & production platform for your business. We will quickly delve into several platforms – Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OSX, etc), Windows, & Unix Operating Systems – by discussing the logical choices you will face before making your final platform decision.

Programming Language

The programming language you use to develop your web sites & applications can help you to better recognize the positives of, or even obligations to, each platform. We elected to use PHP because of the development tools, open source developing community, access to information / guides and vast experience we have with the language. For us, it meant the ability to tailor web applications & sites quicker than if we were using ASP.NET. I won’t attempt to compare each language as they all offer a broad number of advantages & disadvantages that are already widely discussed.

If you plan to develop ASP.NET (Microsoft’s web language) web applications & sites, there is an obligation to use the Windows Server platform. Though there are a couple ASP.NET support libraries for Linux / Unix web servers available, they fail to offer complete support of the language and are recommended for production applications or sites as a last resort only. If you plan to develop with an open source language, like PHP, you are free to use any platform, though the support for each may vary greatly.

Type of Server

The type of server and the type of server processes you require will also affect your platform choice. Though many of the common server types (mail, ssh, ftp, web, database, etc) are supported cross platform, support and performance often vary between everything from process-to-process communication to general desired use. We run several server processes to support our client needs and found that Windows’ support for many of them was similar to the kind we received for their other Operating Systems; nonexistent in some areas and slow in the general.

When in Doubt

If you rather unfamiliar with many of the technologies, it’s often more comforting to make your selection based on pure statistics. Below is the current (as of March 2011) list of the leading web server statistics by Netcraft.

Vendor ProductWeb SitesHostedPercent

Apache – Apache – 179,720,332 – 60.31%

Micrsoft – IIS – 57,644,692 – 19.34%

Igor Sysoev – nginx – 22,806,060 – 7.65%

Goggle – GWS – 15,161,530 – 5.09%

lighttpd – lighttpd – 1,796,471 – 0.60%

Linux is a leading server operating system, and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world. Web giant Facebook uses Linux & PHP (and Perl). The statistics from a purely objective view tend to favor Linux.

Selecting a Version / Distribution

If you select the Windows platform, there isn’t much else to do in terms of selecting a distribution, though in all cases you’ll want to choose the latest production version available. If you select the Linux platform, you’ll have a number of options to pick from. Again, to keep this article as concise as possible, I won’t cover the different Linux distributions (there are a number of articles available already).

When you select a Linux distribution you’ll likely want to check out the most popularly distributions. You can further streamline your choices by making a decision on whether you want access to the latest repositories (libraries) vs. stability (how long has it been tested), performance and hardware support vs. security and stability. Due to the Unix philosophy, “Write programs that do one thing and do it well”, you’ll find that at most one or two distributions will meet your requirements.

In the end, we selected a Linux platform; more specifically the Ubuntu operating system. It is widely known for its popularity as a personal desktop replacement for Windows users, and is the most used distribution of Linux. We selected the server edition of Ubuntu because of its long standing use on the web, its ease of use, and the number of technologies which are supported by its Debian based foundation. We decided on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based server because it’s easy to code, easy to deploy, you can develop locally, and there is plenty of cheap and ubiquitous hosting.


Choosing the right platform can vastly affect your end product and development time-line. You should consider your business, personal & clients’ goals before rushing a platform into production. You may wish to setup several Virtual Servers (using VirtualBox or VMware) to test, side-by-side, the benefits of each one in accordance with your business requirements. I recommended using open source languages, frameworks, tools and servers because of their wide use, support, transparency, increased security and nature (reference Unix philosophy above).

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The Right Web Development Tools Effectively Support Web Developers

August 8th, 2018

Developing a page that will contain content or components which are to be accessed via the World Wide Web can be referred to as web development. E-commerce, web content development, web designing, web server configuration are some of the aspects of web based development services. The processes encompasses developing a page which includes plain text to a page that may require implementation of complex applications. To cater to this purpose, there are a number of web development tools available, of varied types, that help in making a website just perfect. Reputable service providers who offer web development services work with a team of experts specializing in this field. They have thorough knowledge of the tools which help in creating websites and their implementation.

The right tools when used for accurate web development, help in achieving the desired results quickly. A great number of tools are available for obtaining such excellent quality outcome. The testing and debugging time is reduced considerably resulting in increased development speed and quality of the outcome. Below is a list of some of the many tools which are of great utility to the developers of a reputable web development agency, helping them develop websites very efficiently:

CSS Grid Builder: This is an online graphic user interface that is used in customizing YUI. YUI is a framework for JavaScript and CSS. This enables rapid generation of a web page that is in compliance with the web standards and is CSS based. Generating the HTML and linking the code is simple with this.

Firebug: This tool helps in debugging scripts. The three primary parts of Firebug include a console for listing errors, it also helps in executing any JavaScript code. The second one is a debugger which highlights the errors of a Java Script source and shows it. The third element is an inspector that enables navigation on the DOM of the page.

HTML Validator: This validates the pages that the user visits. This helps in identifying errors too.

Extension: This helps in quickly validating XHTML. It also helps in finding CSS/JavaScript errors, inspection of HTTP headers information and many other similar tasks.

CSS editor: this is an effective tool in editing page style sheets. Context information can also be obtained regarding the style sheets.

The Internet has become extremely popular for obtaining information about products and services. With such popularity web development has become a sought after service by different organizations. The right web development tools are necessary for carrying out web based services perfectly and these are only available with the most reputable service providers.