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Tips for Effective Web Development and Web Design

August 16th, 2018

You might be wondering if there is a difference between web development and web design. Well, they both concern a site or page on the Internet, but web design is just part of web development. Web development from the word itself is the process of developing a website and it includes web design, web content, web server, network security, e-commerce development and many more.

A website represents a company or a person. For this reason, the website should garner many views or visits as much as possible to make sales or to have a better ranking in the search engine results. Also, better views mean the site is being marketed effectively. This is the goal of the websites and to do this, they have to come up with effective web development and web design.

To have an effective web development, the website should foremost have a purpose. What does it want to attain or achieve? Does the website want more sales through the Internet or it just wants many people to know about it? The purpose is just like a mission or vision for institutions. It is where the goals and objectives will be based. If the purpose of a website is to educate people, then the web content should contain useful information that will benefit the Internet users.

Web design, on the other hand, is the looks and manner of presentation of the websites. An effective web design is something unique yet simple. The design of the website shouldn’t be too extravagant nor has too many colors. Aside from being expensive, the Internet users may also find the site over decorated. The design should be simple and it should emphasize the contents because those are what users look after. The site should also load fast and can be viewed with all types of resolution. Computer resolutions range from 480 by 640 to 768 by 1024. The site should work out to any type of this by designing the site in percentage and not based on pixels.

An effective web design has clear and understandable navigation. Once an Internet user visits the site, he should be able to go through the site with ease and not with confusion. The site should contain and show the important links or information. The menus should be presented clearly and should be placed to a noticeable area.

Lastly, a web design should fit with any type of browser whether in the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It should also possess inviting and readable font to effectively communicate its points to the reader or user. When there is proper web development, the website is surely using all its resources and money to its advantage.

Get Noticed on the WWW With the Right Web Development

August 15th, 2018

Often we come across creatively designed and executed websites. For these the credit goes to the web development team who has spent hours, days and even months to create that particular website. This development phase includes script writing, coding, content development, client side and server scripting, network security application and configuration and also e-commerce if the website is focused on online business. Web development for the developing team usually refers to the non-design aspects which are mainly coding.

For a creative outlook of web development different designs and applications can be inserted into the development phase. A traditional website is static and includes either a single or a few pages which are plain text accompanied by photos or pictures to accentuate the visual appeal and look. Web development also ranges to the complicated configuration like e-business, social networks or applications of games etc.

A lot of clients prefer interactive websites with different animations and flash applications. These applications and websites may look really pretty but they tend to have a longer loading time which can lead to loss of visitors. Other plug-ins and scripting can also be used in web development such as JavaScript, HTML or Microsoft Silver light.

Web development in large organizations or complex business may require several developers to achieve the complete task. However in small organizations even a single developer is enough to do the job. Since the technology has made lives of the consumers easier, many designers have developed free web templates that can be used to create a static website. Countless online businesses also sell premium priced flash templates or even static web templates which look extremely professional, beautiful and are quite easy to implement.

Across the world the industry of web design has evolved drastically. There are many companies globally who provide web development along with an end-to-end service which includes design selection and consistent maintenance of the websites after launch as well. The price range of the web design varies from one client to another.

As the entire process and pricing is analyzed after identifying what the client requires. Sometimes the coding may be simple but if the client chooses a high end design then the price is charged accordingly. Traditionally static websites are less expensive and can be quickly and easily implemented. However these websites may include photos or images for which copyrights can be purchased.

web design is the need for every business in today’s economy. Since the world has moved towards internet and technology almost all users prefer to search for things online and prefer companies which have a website. This makes it easier for them to read all the information they want rather than calling the help desk and waiting in a long hold queue only to be answered inconclusively. The web development team usually has various skills which include the basic graphic design and scripting along with search engine optimization. However these developers are not limited to the basic skills they can be proficient into the advance technology such as GUI, Animation, Flash, application development, security tools analysis and testing etc. Clients can also do a basic research on web design before finding out what they need so that it’s easier.

Creating a Cohesive Relationship Between Web Design and Web Development

August 14th, 2018

Web design and web development are both essential components of any web project, but often handled by different people in a team, or even entirely different teams. This can make coordinating the different responsibilities held by web design and web development difficult in any project. Unfortunately, rivalries can erupt in relationships between the website designer and the web developer as their interests in the web project conflict. It is important, however to seek out the similarities in the website designer and developer’s jobs to construct a cohesive relationship.

Neither web design nor development is a more important discipline than the other. Indeed they are both completely essential and rely on the other to be successful. While web page design is often thought of as wholly concerned with aesthetics, and web development with the technical side of a project, both need to consider alternative factors to be truly successful. The web designer needs to consider the matching of form to function and the web developer’s job is actually quite creative in terms of finding new ways to build the website.

It is advantageous then, for the web designer and developer to gain some understanding of the other’s trade. A website designer who has some knowledge of the intricacies of code and the technological opportunities and limits it offers will not only be able to better communicate with a web developer, but also become a better designer, with a greater understanding of their medium. Similarly a web developer who keeps up to date with web page design trends and has learned the fundamental design principles will have a better appreciation for the designer’s contribution and understand when compromises need to be made. Collaborating in this way will lead both experts to discover that their respective disciplines both share values, such as efficiency.

Ultimately web design and development are used concurrently to create the same website, and the fact that the eventual goal is the same must be kept in mind throughout any project. Both the website designer and developer are working to create a website that functions well and is attractive to the user. The web project can be considered as one living entity, with web page design and development holding together the various, essential parts, such as technology, content, and visual elements. Viewing the web project in this way will keep the web designer and developer focused on developing their separate projects to harmonise with the actual content and subject matter of the website.